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David Van Brunt


I am a Pool Service Professional with over 25 years of practical experience. I currently maintain a pool route. I have extensive experience in water chemistry, automatic cleaners, pool filtration, pool equipment, and automated systems. I am the creator of the #1 Swimming Pool YouTube Channel with over 72,000 Subscribers and 40 Million Video views. I am also the author of the book, "Swimming Pool Care 'The Essential Guide' Pool Care Made Easy"

I created this group so that you can grow in knowledge as a pool professional and also have the ability to get one-on-one help on the spot while you are out in the field. With over 130 Members and growing, we are here to help each other grow as a business and as a professional trade.  I am available to help you with every aspect of the pool service business. 


Hosted by Patreon

To make things as easy as possible the Coaching Group is Hosted by the Crowed Funding site Patreon. All Credit Card payments are processed securely and the group emails are hosted by the site. This makes this easy to manage for both me and you. 


Swimming Pool Service Pro Association

As a member of my coaching group you are automatically enrolled as a member of the national group Swimming Pool Service Pro Association.  This gives you market clot as well as a website presence as part of a national pool association.

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About the Coaching Program


One thing lacking in the Pool & Spa Industry is the availability of on the job training. It is non-existent. So, to better the industry and provide a safety net for those who are starting out in the pool service business I created my online coaching group. The coaching program allows you to reach out to me in real time to answer your questions while you are in the field and to direct you as you bid for services and repairs. This is the next best thing to having me right out there with you. 

The Program:

For as little as .33 cents a day ($10 per month), you can have a personal coach in your back pocket. I can answer your questions while you are out in the field in real time and help you with many aspects of your pool business. If you are just starting out this is a perfect way to avoid costly mistakes and at the same time to get your questions answered on the spot. If you’re thinking of getting into the pool business join now and I can help you get set up. 


At the $10 and $20 levels you will be able to receive Liability Insurance at a group rate of $53.10 per month. Employees are $35.10 per month (Silver Program). This is a 2/1 policy. 1 million per occurrence and 2 million total for the life of the policy. By being part of the group, you also get the $100 application fee waived and the annual renewal fee of $100 waived. Each Certificate of Insurance is $25.00. If you need a larger policy, you can get the Gold or Platinum Policy (1/3 and 2/4) and receive 10% off your monthly premiums each month. This policy is offered thru SPPA. 

Also get a free listing on my website for your pool service business. My website generates leads for many service companies listed there and I will create a FREE link for you to send customers directly to your website.

At the $10 and $20 level you are invited to join the #GroupMe text thread. There are over 100 pool guys texting each other each day with questions about pool chemistry, equipment, business practices and more.

I can also help you set up a marketing plan for your business with my consultations thru Patreon.

Receive a FREE copy of my NEW eBook "Swimming Pool Care The Essential Guide." This eBook contains over 500 video links and 200 pages of helpful articles covering everything you need to know about pool care.

For $10.00 a month receive the above benefits plus the ability to text message me for real time answers to your problems. This level is geared towards pool service professionals and some homeowners who may feel they need this type of assistance.  Space is LIMITED.

For $20 a month get all of the above benefits plus the ability to call me for phone consultations. This is an excellent way for those starting in the business to get hands on tips as well as business management and consultation help from me. I have over 20 years of experience and can coach you thru various problems that you will encounter. This includes all aspects of the business from pricing, billing, expanding your service and website design.  Possible Face Time or Google Hang Out video calls. SPACE IS LIMITED.

You can also get 10% off of the NEW Riptide Vacuum System once you join the Coaching Group.