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Direct Texting

Text me from the field with your questions or problems and I will give you a real time solution. Text me after hours about anything pool and business related and I am here to help you.  $10 a Month Level (Swimming pool service training)


Phone Consultation

At the next level you can text me and also call me in real time to get on the spot help while you are out in the field.  I can also do after hour phone consults on business issues and marketing ideas. $20 a month level.


Group Chat Thread

Both levels allows you to enter into the group chat thread where you can post and answer questions for other members. This chat is really active with over 100 post each day on topics from business, chemistry equipment and more. $10 & $20 a Month Levels.

Partner Companies


About Partner Companies

These Companies have joined with me to provide discounts on their goods and services to the members of the Coaching Program and you can connect directly with them in the #GroupMe App with questions or problems. This is an exclusive benefit for those who are in the Coaching Group and not available anywhere else!

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More Great Benefits

Video Calling


At the $20 level you can also schedule a video consultation. 

Liability Insurance


Get 10% off each month on your General Liability Insurance Premiums as well as the $100 application fee waived.



Get 10% off the Riptide Pool Vacuum System!

Swimming Pool Group


Once you join my coaching program you are automatically enrolled in this online national association.  Use it for marketing purposes on your website, flyers and truck.



Receive a FREE copy of my eBook when you join. Over 200 pages of helpful information and 500 video links.

Website Listing


Get your website listed on my site as a local endorsed service provider.

Coaching Overview Video



Partner: National Pool Route Sales

National Pool Route Sales

I have partnered with National Pool Route Sales to offer you my one-on-one training FREE for 30 DAYS. With my technical coaching and their Millionaire Pool Man Program you will have the roadmap to pool service success in your back pocket...literally!


National Pool Route Sales' customers are supported by their ongoing marketing and management program, The Millionaire Pool Man. This free program is available to their clients through an online/mobile portal after the purchase of a route. In it, you find the best practices to maximize business growth and profitability.

Charles Baird is the Founder for National Pool Route Sales (NPRS), a brokerage for pool service and repair companies. Mr. Baird has sold and consulted for more than 15,000 pool service companies over the past 40 years. He is the author of The Millionaire Pool Man Program which includes: The Millionaire Pool Man Management Guide and The Millionaire Pool Man Marketing Guide, both are considered the premier business tools for an individual entering the pool service and repair industry.

CA Broker, Kimberly McNinch, Licensed Real Estate Broker #01899885

FL Broker, Russell Bieber, Licensed Real Estate Broker #3377575


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